Convert YouTube Viewers Into Concert Goers

With over 800 million people per month coming to YouTube, you have a pretty big stage to share your music, and now we’re driving traffic to your tour dates to make YouTube your box office too. 

We’re excited to announce that Bandsintown is now an approved retailer on YouTube, which means your band will be able to direct every person who views your videos straight to your Tour Dates page to buy tickets to your upcoming shows.

Great, how does it work?

YouTube is one of the most popular methods of music consumption and discovery online. If you’ve seen a video on YouTube recently you’ve seen clickable links and chat bubbles, called “Annotations,” pop up on screen – kind of like pop-up video.  When clicked, the links direct viewers to related videos or websites. Now that Bandsintown is an approved merchant, you can include links to your Tour Dates page too. Please note, currently Annotations work on desktop only, not mobile.


 Wait, why is this great news for my band?

  • Annotations are an easy way to add links, promotions for your tour, band channel, commentary, song lyrics and tour updates. You can easily link to your Tour Dates right from your Tour Promo video.  
  • Videos are one of the most effective tools for engaging with your fans because they are interactive and easily shared.  Every time a fan shares your video with their friends, it’s an opportunity for them to buy tickets to your next show!
  • Annotations make it easier for fans to discover your tour dates without a lot of searching. You can even get creative and highlight front row fans to promote presale tickets or band members to promote meet and greets.
  • Another benefit is you can use videos to drive traffic to licensed merchandise you sell on e-commerce platforms or even ticket giveaways and VIP packages. This means a DJ can take fans shopping for music or t-shirts directly from a video, free of charge.

Annotations can be a bit tricky, so we recommend that you take a few minutes to read YouTube’s explanation of what they are and how to best use them.

Ready to rock? Here’s how to get started.

1. Confirm you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program and you have enabled Monetization under Account Features. This will allow you to permit external annotation links.


2. Navigate to your account Annotations tool and at the top of the menu click the banner that says “Enable your account for external annotation links.” 


3. Go to your Video Manager, click the pull down bar next to the EDIT button of the video you want to annotate. 


4. Select ADD or EDIT Annotation, select the TYPE of annotation you prefer from Speech Bubble to Note and check the LINK box below. Select the MERCH category.


5. Add in your annotation, along with your link to Bandsintown using the URL:, then click SAVE and PUBLISH.

That’s it!

For best practices in getting the most out of YouTube Annotations, we suggest you check out the sites below:

YouTube: Getting Started with Annotations

Fame House: Monetizing YouTube Content With New Merchandise Annotations

Mashable: HOW TO: Use Annotations to Promote Your Brand on YouTube

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